Monday, November 22, 2010

We are the future

Since the school holiday already started, I think Ill be updating a lot of posts(Hopefully!) that can give benefits for you guys and me!

Ceh, macam iye iye aje aku ni..

Based on the post title above,
yeah, we'll be talking(?!) or reading(?!) whatever, you get my point!.

Tentang remaja ataupun kanak2 pelik. Haha! Yg pelik je la yg pelik. Tapi sayang, Allah kasi umur muda tapi disalah gunakan.

1.Huargh! (semangat)

In youthful, yeah.. they are very vigorous!. Kuat! Semangat!
But... where they use it?

Well, we can see they can singing and dancing at early day till late night!. Drive motorcycles and cars to see who's the one can drive fastest till 200h/km.
?? err.. sorry, if I get this wrong, the thing is that I dont know about cars. Ngeh2!

What else?! figure it yourself!

2.Ting! (Smart, Briliant!)

Oh yes, youths are very thoughtful!. Examples, tektik pecah keluar masuk asrama, surat ibubapa, cipta ganja sendiri.. Genius eh.

But how sad it is when you are great at invention then you create something that useless for others then you can create something that give benefits to others that can gain moneys!

Youths has it all! but unfortunately doesn't has the right way to use it.


Err... I hate this! but..
kes buang bayi, anak luar nikah..

I have once heard from the tv, the host of the show said that kes buang bayi this year are 40 babies dibuang in a month! Ugh!!! How I furious!!!

Dah hilang agama, tp cuma ada nama. For what?!

Huuhh....... we have to remember, we're going to take place of the leaders nowdays in future. So is this kind of qualities of leader to be?!

We're also the future of the world and the future of Islam!.

So do we expected the old leaders that incapability and already in a wheelchair to lead? Or expected Hassan Al-Banna to live again?

We are Speacial! Allah gives us a lot of bliss that capable us to work! Brother Irfan have told me that we all have to work!. If there's no 'leaders to be' work, then, how Islam is going to bangun?!

Amazing Islam teenager in history,

Mu’adz dan Mu’awwidz menumbangkan Abu Jahal kala umur mereka masih belasan. Usamah bin Zaid RA menjadi jeneral kala umurnya 18 tahun. Menumbangkan Rom pada umurnya 19 tahun. Muhammad Al-Fateh menjadi raja ketika umurnya 22 tahun, dan menumbangkan Konstantinopel pada umur 23 tahun.

They have great qualities to build the great ummah!

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi said,
If you want to see the future of a state, see the young men and women today

How important we are for the world!

We have to know our duty as khalifah which
-mengajak orang beriman dan beramal soleh
-menegakkan Islam

Or at least, know our purpose of living in this world is to devote to Allah and to have His Syurga Al-Firdausi.. ergh! susah tapi mahu!! x layak tapi x nak azab.

"Read and Learn, Learn and Do!"

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