Friday, April 30, 2010

Never too late for a change.

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb ;

Ok, my post comes like, once in a blue moon? Mainly because I live in a hostel and rarely get to use the internet. So, thanks to Allah for giving me the oppurtunity to give and share :)

This is no secret and it does'nt surprise me if the whole school knows about our batch. I'm not going to disclose anything personal here beacause, well, this blog is opened to the public.. (Duh). It's just that, at this age, it's common for us teenagers to rebel or maybe, they just want to voice out their opinions.

Hmm, remember; "Kalau ada orang kata kita teruk, ada sahaja orang yang lebih teruk dari kita." But that does'nt mean we're too good already. There will always be decisions, sacrifices and changes to make in life from time to time. It's just a matter of making the right one. Hm, changes. There's a lot for us to change. Either individually or as a society, community, blablablah. To start with ourselves, think of our weaknesses and try to turn it into a strength. Change bad habits to good ones. For example, cursing, swearing or in Malay, 'mencarut'. I guess everybody knows this. The school had even hold campaigns: 'Anti-mencarut' & all that. Explained things. Disadvantages, consequences. Let's see. Students have made an acronym for f**k. 'Fokus Untuk Capai Kejayaan' & 'Friends U Can Keep' or whatsoever. & obviously, people will think negatively of it. But, it is hard for someone to think positively of a badword. I understand that teens like us like to create something out of the ordinary, think outside the box. Well, it might be humour to some but to others? Humans think and behave differently. That is what makes the world more colourful. Hm, my opinion, I don't really like this bad word acronym. I mean, sure you have to fokus untuk capai kejayaan. But the way people say it. Yeah. It all goes back to your intention. But, only Allah knows what lies in ur heart and who am I to judge?

Er, what does cursing have to do with acronyms??? Hm, I tend to get out of topic sometimes. So, forgive me. Hm, in class, we often hear words that are'nt pleasing to the ear. E.g: B*d**h, S**l.. Haish, and tons more. May I ask u (Sesiapa yang mencarutlh) a question? What do you actually get from saying these words? Hm, with that, I have an answer. What do u get? Sin. Dosa. I don't see any benefits. Not a single one. So, with this, let us bring a change. Think twice before you speak. Let's start small, if we accidentally say it out of habit, immediately istighfar. Ask for forgiveness from Allah. The public should also play a role in, er, 'menegur' whoever, er, yang mencarut (HAHA XP). If you have managed to make this change in your life, then you are also able to make other changes. And in the end, inshaallah, your life will be blessed by none other than Allah.

Allah acknowledges things that sometimes, people don't even notice. He knows every little thing that happens in ur life. So never be afraid of being discriminated because of ur change towards the right path because there are tons of others out there that will appreciate ur change. Moreover, encourage you, give you moral support. "When you feel all alone in this world, & there's nobody to count ur tears. Just remember no matter where u are, Allah knows, Allah knows".

Semoga semua dapat manfaat dari post ini, Inshallah :)

P/S: This is just Part I. I'll continue tomorrow, Inshallah. It's already late, Goodnite :) Assalamu'alikum :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

masalh dn kehidupan..

salam,hai sume pembace batch 15 nyer blog..korang ape khabar??iman korang ape khabar??muge semue nyer sehat ye..hurmm ana ade fb n bile bkk je fb..ana tgk ramai bdk batch 15 ade mslh..ana nie x delh arif sgt ttg menyelesaikn mslh apapun ana akn cbe selesaikn mslh korangs...hihi..klu ade pepe mslh jumpe ana ye..ana kn sll ckp sabar2 kn sbb nyer ana pnah juge ade mslh cam korangs perlukn kesabrn klu nk selesaikn..sume mslh dlm hidop kite nie mestinyerlh ade pylesaiian korang jgn merngut klu korangs nyer mslh tuhh bsr sgt..korang cume perlukn seseorg utk luahkn kat ana ye..hihi..ana cbe utk membntu..dan mgkin akn ade org yg x ske ana klu ana ana pon mesti sbr..sbb dlm dakwah mesti ade org yg x ske kite kn..mcm quraisy benci rasulullah sbb die sampaikn islam..tulh..kite kene terime hakikat shbt..sabarlh..tuhan bersame org2 yg sbr..