Saturday, June 4, 2011



Boy, time runs soo fast don't you think? You were particularly doing your works then suddenly, "it's already the last week of holiday?!." That's why we have to be good at our time management.

Investigate how your daily life whens. Do you manage your time wisely?

I checked my PMR countdown. 120 days left?! Man, I really don't have much time. Huh... see? regretness! Plus, all kerja kursus I haven't finish them completely.

Procrastination Kills!

This is what you get for procrastinate things. If you delay you works, they will be double of works! so you have to do double of things.

So people... manage your time wisely! It's so important before you regret for not doing this and doing that.

Oh dear, We really need a timetable ASAP!.

Demi Masa.(1) Sesungguhnya semua manusia itu di dalam kerugian(2) kecuali mereka yang beriman, dan beramal soleh(3) Dan berpesan2 pada kebaikan, dan berpesan2 pada kesabaran.(4)
(Surah Al asr)

('c ,') "That's all folks!"