Saturday, March 7, 2009

keep away from drugs

It's happening more and more each day
These drugs making my friends crazy
I'm laying it down...
Don't bring it around...
Cos I aint nothing but Drug Free
I used to see my buddy Fayaz looking all depressed
I guessed, that he was in some major tests
After class, we used to go and play some ball,
He was fast and tall,
he surpassed us all,
But after a while I'd see him playing less and less,
He be looking more depressed and stressed at best
So one day after class, I took him aside,I said tell me what's going on, man are you alright?
He said I got some issues with my folks I cant resolve
No need to stress you out Bro, or get you involved
So I put it to him, have you started smoking weed
And the answer that he gave me really made be grieve
He said yeah once in a while when I need to mellow out
But I'll be alright, I'm not the one to worry about
Yo we got to get you help before you ruin yourself
You got greatness ahead,
you aint like everyone else
He said I promise I'll be fine and he gave me his hand
So I trusted him and hoped that he would soon understand
Couple months went by and he be worse and worse
Like he was thrown in a curse,
I hoped that he would reverse
then one day, he asked me for a couple a bucks
He said he needs to pay a friend and right now he's stuck,
I said I know you smoking crack now, confirmed that for a fact now
I gotta get you help now, don't even try to back down
Gave him the money, he promised Monday he would meet me
Friday got the call that would defeat me completely
Fayaz had died of a drug over dose
It was the saddest day ever - aint nothing comes close
Man I hate those drugs, hate 'em with all of my soul
chokes the young and the old, till their bodies is cold
So I don't care if you're a player or a wanna-be thug
Don't ever, ever come close to drugs
Months later , were still mourning his death
Was angry and sad
that he fell in this mess
A teacher who noticed how miserable my soul was,
Came Over
He said I see your carrying a boulder I know that I'm older,
but let me tell you something that I never ever told ya -
Put my arms around his shoulder
My daughter,
she was the pride of my heart
As a father,
we were never far apart
Was a popular girl,
always on top of the world
Never scared to try something new and give it a whirl
But she had low self-esteem, If you know what I mean
And it only takes a moment, to devastate a dream
She started hanging with this girl from school
Her Grades went down and she started breaking rules
And it festered and festered -
we didn't want to face it
Til one day, she came home totally wasted
Then friend told us she was close to being arrested
We put our foot down and we forced her to get tested
She tested positive for drugs, but there was something else
The doctor asked to do more tests to check up on her health
And then came the news,
that would totally defeat me,
Her use of all the needles,
she had gotten HIV I was livid,
that moment and that feeling I will always live with it,
Man It's still vivid
She died 5 years ago, nothing I could help
My Lord has helped me with this pain that I felt
With tears in me eyes, Yo I gave him a hug,
May God give you strength to keep away from drugs..
keep away from drugs, ..keep away from drugs
"I'm DRUG FREE... do YOU!?"

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